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Animal-Inspired Home Decor with Purpose
I've always loved creating interesting and useful items.  While living in Berlin, I would often visit a rhino (pictured) at the zoo.  I became fascinated by him and his stoic beauty. I took this photo and a few years later used it as inspiration for a sculpture.  I made a mold and cast a rack of rhino heads for my nephew to use in his room. Soon after, the requests came pouring in for more hooks and more animals. Before I knew it, The Creature Den was born.

In addition to single Creatures, The Creature Den also creates larger-scale installation pieces perfect for lobby spaces, offices, or galleries.  Click Here or email for more info

Each original Creature is hand-sculpted and designed to be both beautiful and functional.  All pieces are made to order in Los Angeles, and generally ship within 5-7 business days.

The Creature Den partners with animal welfare and conservation groups to raise funds and awareness for endangered species.  Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events in your area.