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Animal-Inspired Home Decor with Purpose
I've always loved creating interesting and useful items.  While living in Berlin, I would often visit a rhino (pictured) at the zoo.  I became fascinated by him and his stoic beauty. I took this photo and a few years later used it as inspiration for a sculpture.  I made a mold and cast a rack of rhino heads for my nephew to use in his room. Soon after, the requests came pouring in for more hooks and more animals. Before I knew it, The Creature Den was born.

In addition to single Creatures, The Creature Den also creates larger-scale installation pieces perfect for lobby spaces, offices, or galleries.  Click Here or email for more info

Each original Creature is hand-sculpted and designed to be both beautiful and functional.  All pieces are made to order in Los Angeles, and generally ship within 5-7 business days.

The Creature Den partners with animal welfare and conservation groups to raise funds and awareness for endangered species.  Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events in your area.

Check out our Etsy Shop for limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces